I am
Marita Fontana
I’m a self-taught mixed media artist with Graphic design, Communication, Music, Publicity and business studies in Perú. I left from Lima almost 30 years ago , currently residing in Amsterdam. I feel very fortunate to be able to have amalgamated my own heritage to the influences and inspiration that new cultures have given me.
I used to think that I had to choose one art specialization, one way of expressing myself. Through the years I have realized that what is important is to find a way to express yourself and challenge you enough to keep learning and letting yourself be amazed by life itself.
I’m fascinated by the complexity of human beings and therefore, they are the main theme of my drawings.
These are a result of a conversation between my interior world – complex and often chaotic – and reality.
My art often reflects that moment where negative emotions are transformed into joy, peace or transformation, personal symbolism that turn into an explosion of color and shapes.
My inspiration is life itself, how I lived it & how I remember it.

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