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I am Marita Fontana
I’m a self-taught mixed media artist with Graphic design, Communication, Music, Publicity and business studies in Perú.
I left Lima almost 30 years ago for an adventure in Sydney, and I am currently residing in Amsterdam.
I feel very fortunate to have been able to amalgamate my own heritage to the influences and inspiration that new cultures have given me . My roots are Spanish, Italian and African. My ancestors came to Peru during the time of slavery, and this is my heritage.
I used to think that I had to choose one art specialization, one way of expressing myself . Through the years I realized that what is important is to find a way to express yourself and challenge you enough to keep learning and letting yourself be amazed by life itself.
I’m fascinated by the complexity of human beings and therefore, they are the main theme of my drawings.
These are a result of a conversation between my interior world – complex and often chaotic – and reality.
My art often reflects that moment where negative emotions are transformed into joy, peace or transformation, personal symbolism that turns into an explosion of color and shapes.
My inspiration is life itself, how I lived it & how I remember it.
Welcome to my home, this is where I love, I create, my safe place. Always at my side my companion Manolo.
Behind me are two drawings from my hand.
The one of the right is called “Love in the times of Prozac“ and depicts the beginning of my relationship with my husband during a very difficult period in my life.
The one of the left is unnamed yet and depicts me waiting. Waiting for love to show up.
On my wall at home:
An artwork done by my own hand: La Mujer del Penacho Rojo (The Woman with the Red Plume). You can purchase it here.
Next to my Juju Hats which come from Cameroon and are used in rituals for fertility until today. They are made of gorgeous feathers and are one of my favorite pieces of art.
Drawing in my Urban Jungle
Behind me a painting from my favorite Peruvian Artist : Arcadio Boyer
My father taught me the love for Art since I was a child. I remember all those trips to the studios of the painters he admired and which art he collected and I cherish those moments as one of the most precious treasures of my childhood.
When I left Sydney, I couldn’t take too many things with me, but the one thing that traveled with me almost 30 years ago around the world is this painting. It hung at my parents home and it is my most valuable possession.

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