“ A fresh European voice with a powerful new imagery”

Marita’s work is impenetrable , it’s pure and immense and it demands its own space and time .Marita’s paintings are prophetic, hence they have an element of prophecy.These art images that protect the human spirit.Sometimes the artwork … I call it a door opener to the future of civilization.We cannot download it with machines only with a courageous moral aesthetics. Our critical aesthetic reasoning will not mature if we see her work romantically or try to idolize it. Her art work represents a different dimension. in the school on the “new imagery“ .That includes many contemporary international masters who are an antithesis to the vision of a new main spirit . It’s a spiritual humanism.

Ramsés Noriega
Master and founder of the Chicano Art movement and one of the pioneers of Political art .

“ I can touch the artist’s thoughts “

“ Marita’s graphics are very strong and carry a lot of emotions in themselves. This is important for me, when I look at a piece of art. And I must tell you I found a lot of different emotions in her work. This feeling of mixing emotions inside me when looking at them, transports my mind to another place, and this is amazing. Amazing, because this is an moment of touching the artist’s thoughts “

Lukasz Wiacek Wiaceks collection – Art curator

“ Creative chaos “

The visual artist Marita Fontana works on Art that is full of copious emotions and sensations. On these works, the compassions, through fragile and complicated human and daily dimensions, are mingled.Marita Fontana obtains the main themes of her paintings from human daily life through its complications. For, she takes out her characters through explosion, flow, diversity of stages of colors to existence of different and distinguishable cases of feelings. She attempts to touch “Spirit” of the receiver, and move his emotions towards rethinking of human relation that gathers us. This latter has started to lose its efficiency due to technological development, which as far as it assembles us, it disbands us; and the human closeness and warmness that humanity used to have before the era of “little finger” according to Michel Serres’ tongue have been cancelled.From “Creative Chaos”, characters diffuse within her visual and tinting ambit, in order to embody humanitarian positions that are varied from one Art work to another. Fontana aspires at repeating the form of world’s details at her particular mirror, without trying to copy and imitate it; she wants to reshape and form at “fragmented mirrorthat reflects sensations and emotions.Marita Fontana creates emotional works of art.Feeling, feelings: actions in which feelings mix with the human and its daily fragility and complexity . So Marita Fontana does not imitate anyone, but makes herself and her life her own school.Magic realism.In sum, we can only describe Marita Fontana’s dyeing  works as small tales that make up the biggest novel, a novel that belongs to the world of  “magic realism” that emerged from the high Andes.”

Azzeddine Bourga
Poet, art critic